Welcome to DCN Performance 

We are a team of car enthusiasts, and we're very happy to share our passion with you. Dedicated to the spirit of motoring that connects people all across the world, the emotion of freedom that comes with travel, and the rush of racing and motorsport, these are the things that inspire us and propel us forward. From these ideals come products that focus on improving both aesthetics and usability, always with the goal to innovate and exceed current standards. Our team has a background in CNC machining and in the plastics industry. Skills and experience in these fields have been indispensible, and enable us to keep much more of our manufacturing inhouse than usual, which allows us to increase quality standards, and offer products at reasonable prices.


All manufacturing, except powder coating, is done inhouse at our workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece. This includes sheet metal cutting with a CNC Laser cutter, sheet metal bending with a CNC Press Brake, polyurethane molding in soft, rigid, and reinforced molds, 3D printing, and a few bespoke processes that we keep secret! We combine all of the above to achieve the best qualities in our products.


We test all of our products thoroughly, often taking prototypes to their absolute limits, to ensure proper function continues under the harshest conditions.