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NA Miata

Ducktail Spoiler – Aggressive

Ducktail Spoiler – Aggressive

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Ducktail Spoiler by DCN Performance. Sometimes also known as a Duckbill. This is the Aggressive version, which is taller and with a more aggressive angle of attack.

Due to the aerodynamics of the MX-5, the only clean airflow on the trunk that could be used with a ducktail can be found at the far left and right edges.

Our Ducktail Spoiler is shorter in the middle and taller at the edges, where it takes advantage of the cleaner airflow, and as a result it noticeably increases stability starting from 100-120km/h (60-75mph).

(Note: Numbers in regards to a stock car. Effects will be less noticeable the further away from stock your car is in terms of suspension and other aero)


  • Assembly holes between wing and mounts are slotted, and allow for adjustable distance between wing and trunk
  • All hardware included (closed-end rivets, stainless steel bolts and nuts). Can optionally be mounted with Rivnuts or Jack nuts (not included)
  • Available in textured powder coating,  raw aluminium after request, and with acrylic wing


Fits first generation MX-5 Miata (NA)


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