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NA-NB Miata

Hardtop Brackets

Hardtop Brackets

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The DCN Performance Hardtop Brackets make for a stiff and secure connection between your car chassis and hardtop.
Apart from eliminating virtually all hardtop noises, you will also notice a very significant reduction of body roll.

Maximum performance:
The DCN Performance side brackets sit flush with the chassis and hardtop. Other hardtop brackets in the market protrude and interfere with your roll bar, often making it impossible to put in all bolts.
The DCN Performance front brackets are engineered to pull the front edge center of your hardtop down. Without this solution, a gap in the front edge generates a lot of wind noise above a certain speed.

Made from 4mm steel, black powder coated.

High quality Fitting Kit included for free with all Hardtop Brackets (10.9 Grade fasteners w/ oil-impregnated black oxide surface for maximum corrosion resistance)


Fits NA, NB, NBFL MX-5 Miata (1990-2004) with OEM Hardtop

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