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Transmission Reinforcement Brace

Transmission Reinforcement Brace

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We present to you the DCN Performance Transmission Reinforcement Brace. After long hours of CAD and FEA work, as well as many iterations and real world tests, we have managed to offer many unique qualities with this product:

  • 5 attachment points as opposed to the usual 4.
  • Heavy duty steel plates at thicknesses of 6mm and 4mm.
  • Truly uncompromising construction method with welded Tongue-and-Groove joints and welded spacers.
  • 10.9 grade bolts included

Fits on the following models with 5-speed transmission:

LEGACY / IMPREZA / BAJA model years 1996 - 2014 
FORESTER model years 1996 - 2007 
FORESTER SH model years 2008 - 2013 
SVX model years 1992 - 1997 
WRX model years 2001 - 2014

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